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About Me

Over the course of my many jobs, I've focused on one principle: Work smarter. I'm the person who looks for inefficient procedures, finds ways to streamline them, and consistently strives to boost the productivity of everyone around me. 

The foundation of my career has been built through a variety of roles and industries, including international nonprofits, online news media, short form productions and most recently, Nat Geo Wild’s #1 rated show. Not only am I used to wearing many hats, I sincerely enjoy it; I thrive in an environment where no two workdays are the same.

In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m a fanatic for improving systems and processes. One of my recent projects involved creating a solution for missing releases involving clients featured in The Incredible Dr. Pol. I met and communicated with producers in the field and postproduction to create a master spreadsheet (as the resident spreadsheet guru) and additional checks and balances to ensure that the team doesn’t lose productivity in the production process. I believe in applying this same level of attention to any task, even if it’s just to make sure the copier never runs out of paper. 


At the beginning of my career, I stumbled into HR. What began as a 6-week temporary position, turned into a full time job. While HR wasn't my expertise, or ultimate goal, my strong interpersonal communication skills allowed me to excel in an area where fostering strong, positive relationships is key. I've overseen the contracts of over 130 employees worldwide and implemented new company-wide HRIS systems. I’ve even been given the responsibility to seek brokers and assist in finding and outfitting new office spaces, twice.

Communications was not only my major, but it is my passion, making me both excited and driven at the prospect of working for impactful companies. 

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